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Thread: Instead of all the requests threads...

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    Instead of all the requests threads...

    Could SMS maybe consider some form of online "Scrum poker" thing.

    I'd imagine a site where people could add bug fix/feature/car/track requests and we could all view them and vote them up or down the list of priority. The site would require sign in to prevent multi-voting, but could be tied into the forum auth database.

    I wouldn't expect this democratic list to be the defacto driver for SMS to schedule patch release iterations, but it could be used for them to gauge the customer base priorities in a democratic way.

    Also means when a request thread starts (or a thread hijacked) they could be pointed to this site to vote or add suggestions.

    Also, a public bug tracker, Mantis, bugzilla, Jira so that the same bug doesn't get reported 50 times and those that have reported a bug can see if it's been acknowledged, accepted, being worked on, rejected etc.

    Just an idea.
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    Good idea. With the amount of traffic on this site there's probably some good ideas getting lost, that a lot of people might not see.

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    Not a bad idea. Some of things Ian said yes to, or opted to investigate, had been mentioned many times before in random threads. They just got lost in the chatter.
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    SMS does use jira, it's just not public. And it wasn't public in WMD days. Because 100 people working with and on a bug tracker is a lot, 10000 would be madness.
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