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Thread: Is Logitech Driving Force GT Working?

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    Is Logitech Driving Force GT Working?

    Hi, I am new to Logitech Driving Force GT and Project Cars... when I play anything, the wheel tends to resist my turning and if I do not apply physical constraint, it turns left and right violently by itself, especially when I bumped into a barrier. I would like to know if it is normal behavior. I would also like know if the GT is working as normal in the game. Please help?

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    Umer Ahmad
    Reduce your FFB STRENGTH and TYRE FORCES.

    Just cut them 50% and see if it helps. If "too light/weak" then slowly increase it again.

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    i also have a driving force gt, the problem lies in the logitec calibration software, quit the game and go into windows start menu, all programs , logitec gaming software. . then options . . global device settings. . and UNcheck the "Enable center spring in force feed back games" box. re launch the game . . problem should be solved hopefully. . :/

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