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Thread: Host kick function

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    Host kick function

    Its great that we can no kick trouble makers from the lobby.

    But the people who get kicked just join again when the lobby/game has crashed, after a new lobby has been created.

    Would it be possible to have the game make a ban list?

    If I kick someone, their name could be entered to a list and everytime I create a lobby no one on that list would be able to join.

    If you could get the game to check the lists before it connects the player to the lobby, that could help stop a lot of lag from people joining and being auto kicked, and re joining 500 times.

    There is also some glitch where if a player is kicked, they try to re join 500 times get auto kicked 499 times and somehow they eventually get back in.

    If not for Pcars 1, it would be a good tool for Pcars 2.
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    They put the function in, then they took it back out...
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