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Thread: UDP putting me in the doghouse

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    UDP putting me in the doghouse


    I'm in need of technical advice, I've been using the new ish UDP to power a few apps on my PC (vrHive, crew chief) and sometime HUD dash on android tablet. I hat my in-game UDP setting at 5, all worked brilliantly and still does.....

    However it turns out according to my Mrs "you're using all our internet up and I [she] can do f**k all!"
    Umm this side effect has somewhat put me in the naughty corner apparently I'm now banned to use my apps is she's not reading her book. I don't like this, however I said I shall search for a solution.

    Setup. My PS4 is connected wirelessly to my sky hub (broadband provider standard equipment) like this one
    my laptop for vrHive/crew chief is also wireless connection, finally Samsung TAB2 is also wireless.

    I'm assuming my bandwidth is being stretched and simple web browsing while I'm mid session is near impossible, I tried lowering the UDP to 7 but that made no difference either. My apps run with very little no no lag at all but I need this problem solving as I'm just going to get constant ear ache.

    All advice and suggestions welcomed.
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