Hello Project Cars community, I NOS_PIRELLI, president of the "NOS Racing E-Sports Community" have been looking for clean drivers who are willing to race in the LMP1 race class during our multi-class endurance league using GT3 and LMP1 cars on Project Cars. Although GT3 Class is reserved for members who were involved with NOS in the past. Our racing community offers a private website and forum page to give each member an interactive racing experience, as well as giving the option to speak to fellow members of the community. Our events will be hosted on weekends to ensure better availability for our members.

About Us:

Network Online Sim-Racing (NOS) Racing a racing club and team designed by, NOS_ PIRELLI, and NOS_BILSTEIN was a huge hit on the Gran Turismo game series. Starting on Gran Turismo 5 we have done various kinds of spec endurance racing as a community. We have gathered over hundreds of members in our time of running a community. We occasionally attended other teams races for a fun and clean racing environment. We have created a tight community as good online friends, which I NOS_PIRELLI plan to keep in touch with to hopefully play games with in the future. Unfortunately due to real life responsibilities many of us have separated to deal with our own personal lives, as well as the various problems on Gran Turismo 6, which led to the end of the NOS Racing Community on the Gran Turismo series. However due to these circumstances. We plan to revive the community for Next-Generation (PS4) racing games such as Project Cars and the future game releases such as Gran Turismo Sport, and Assetto Corsa. With the help of our loyal members and the great new racing titles being released on the PS4, the community will hopefully be a greater success than it has been in the past. The people we race within this community are clean and respected drivers of the sim racing community. We look forward to racing with you all in the future, as you know your always welcome to participate in events.

Team Website:


General Expectations:

All drivers in the NOS Racing Community are expected to have/do the following.
1. Headset Or Bluetooth
2. Steering wheel or Dualshock 4 controller.
3. A clean driving etiquette
4. Ability to communicate with other members in a clear manner
5. Stable Internet Connectivity
6. Make an appointment with NOS_PIRELLI for tryout and car placement purposes.

To Sign Up Please Choose One Of The Following options:

Visit Our Website:
1. Sign In And Fill out Member Application Forum Named: Member Applications (NOS Racing E-Sports Community) Link:http://nosracingesports.weebly.com/f...commu-5129136/
2. Response will be made ASAP.
3. Check back later to make an appointment

Or feel free to submit a response on this forum below using the following format.
2. Do you have a Microphone/Bluetooth to Speak With Each Competitor?
3. Do you have a stable Internet Connection?