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Thread: Custom Grid Tool - Custom Grids for Solo Quick Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurancer View Post
    Me too...
    ..and me to. We can customise skins for the players car f.ex. to a F1 car from Mclaren, but without being able to customise a full grid it's pointless IMO.

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    very cool tool but I tried to fix something with it but I couldn't find away out how. When I load up a race with the tool, all the cars that I've loaded with the tool are listed in the game's race participants but the game doesn't know which class they are in so it shows an "infinitive" (some kind of "8" leaning sideways) instead of the class name. It would be very nice if someone could help me, I've tried everything that came to my mind but nothing seems to fix it. If the cars aren't seperated in different classes it's a bit pointless to do multi class races. Thanks for every advice you could give me

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