Hi (console - PS4)

I keep spinning off at three different points in the circuit Sonoma Raceway GP, the points are highlighted in the image attached below. I need some help because I think I did everything I could. So far as I know I have maxed out the understeer effects on the car but I still spin. I lose the rear almost every time, it's like there is no grip at all, either from the track or the car. I have set the rear to minimum height, front to max; springs max stiff at the front, max soft at the rear; minimum wings at the front, max at the rear; dampers all set to create understeer and reduce oversteer; 20 bar less pressure at the rear... working on the differentials too... I don't know what else to do.

PS: something strange is happening, in practice session, after some laps all AI cars go to the box and stay there, I find myself alone in the track.

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