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Thread: G27 brake pedal issue

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    G27 brake pedal issue


    I have some issue with the brake pedals that seems active when completely released (my foot far away from the pedal). It doesn't seems to be a simple dead zone issue. Project cars is the only racing game with this problem, I had never used a dead zone in any game without having a such problem.
    It's as bad as a lot of AI cars can be much faster as me on straight lines. It's seems completely random.

    Assists are set to realistic mode.

    Some captures:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    PS : I have tried to calibrate pedals without success, some times it's limited to 29 and some other time I have no issue to reach the 100???

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    try lowering the sensitivity.. 100 makes the first part of the travel produce a really big value... so any issue with deadzone would be massively exaggerated.

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    Be sure to fully press the pedals before launching the game. Sometimes, it can do wierd things.
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    I recommend you to do some in-game calibration and see how it turns out.
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    I have this problem, others have had it as well. The best solution I have found is to take the pedal assembly apart and apply White grease to the plastic sleeves that cover the actuator.

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    It made a long time, but I was very busy.

    I may I found the issue, I think that it came from VJoy that I have uninstalled, does someone else have conflict when an other input controller is plugged on his computer?

    Without this issue, I have to find more time to play to project cars.

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