This is a straight-up copy of a post I made in the General Discussion forum back on 27-09-2015 .... that thread really didn't go anywhere
here was my idea tho, in a nut shell

So as I'm sure we're all aware, the tweets and News bits in Career Mode, while initially pretty immersive and cool in concept, do get pretty repetitive fairly quickly. The game could really use more variety here -- and a bit of a boost in .. call it "fan awareness" .. for instance, I often get the same negative comments when I finish 3rd instead of last. I'd like to see more "levels" of positive to negative comments, like "so-so" comments if you finish in the top-10, say. Or score only 1 point rather than 0, etc...
Anyhow, I'm guessing that last bit would more on SMS's end, since that might be an "engine" thing there.
But still, perhaps we, the community, could come up with a curated list of additional phrase segments to get put into the game. Maybe even endorsed by SMS. Perhaps it could end up officially in-game, since they also take user-submitted skins for official skin-pack releases.
I don't know anything really about the file formats used in pCars, so maybe this isn't currently feasible, but it seems to me -- with my limited-but-not-absent programming knowledge -- that this is all just basic text files to be inserted into the database that already exists. I would assume it pulls random phrase-bits to string together based on a set of basic rules for each individual phrase-bit.
I'm just talking about adding more phrase-bits to that database.
I hope it's doable, for those with the knowledge. I would certainly contribute phrase bits tho.


SO!! Now that I see that people are unpacking files and looking around and modifying them, does anyone know where these messages are stored, and if they are modifiable or expandable?
That'd be sweet.