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Thread: Custom Liveries Tool - Livery Manager and Livery Package Export

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    It works rather well ; but is there any plan to make it work with cars that don't have custom liveries, like the LMP1s? The tool manages to add the liveries to the menu (as in, you can have additional liveries options when in the Garage) but not to the game itself (as in, when you select an added option, I get a full-grey car instead of my livery).
    It does work, but it's grey because it's not finding the right file. Unfortunately the naming conventions are not entirely consistent, so you need to make sure you have the right file name for the custom liveries. You can check the .rcf file for what the file prefix needs to be. For example, the DTM car is expecting instead of the full name for the vehicle like most cars (similar to how the stockcar_90 files need to be named STOCK90). I thought I had put a message in to warn people of this, but I added the support for the additional cars at the last minute, and this debug message might not have made the build.

    Added to the list to check on this debug message.

    I have the Hires/Lowres livery issue sorted out already, as well as dealing with different vehicle liveries with the same folder name. I'll probably wait through the weekend to see what other issues crop up, then release a hotfix next week so that people don't have to re-download all 1.5GB again.

    EDIT - Here are the names for the newly paintable cars (case-insensitive):

    So any liveries created should have at least the file (for example) included.
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