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Thread: Project CARS PS4 Patch 9.0 Release Notes

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    May 2015
    And i'm unable to map handbrake on my T300 with v9.0 it act like i maped a clutch instead !
    It was fine on 8.0

    I race on PS4 version
    DIY PVC Rig, Corbeau Seat, T300Rs+599xx Wheel, TH8A Shifter, ClubSport v2 Pedals over CPX
    BenQ W1070 1080p DLP -> 88 inches, 5.1 System, pCars Dash & Crew Chief on tablets, testing others as they come.
    IgnitiON PS4 Button Box, USB-Numpad on the side, Wonderfull Wife that let me race as much I want !

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    Moved to PS4 patch thread.
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    Second Rig: CPU Q6600@2,80GHz | GPU Nvidia GTX 460 1GB | RAM 4GB DDR2 800Mhz | MB ASUS P5Q SE2 | HDD WD SATA 320GB | O.S. Win 7 64bit
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    I want report some bugs :

    - There is no sliders on photo mode or in settings before the race or in free practice.

    - When choosing a race with a time duration, the time is shifted to the left in the race settings menu (In a solo race).

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    Hope I'm posting this in the correct place. For some reason, the V8 Bathhurst Trophy, Indycar Trophy & Stockcar Trophy Accolades added in the last two DLC's do not appear in my career accolades lists. Understand they won't appear in the calendar until I achieve the invitation requirements but all previous DLC added accolades have always appeared. Strangely the Lakeshore Vintage Cup accolade which came with the V8 Bathurst Trophy in the StanceWorks DLC shows as a Bronze accolade but the V8 one doesn't. Any clues as to what I can do to rectify this issue? Cheers

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