New race... new problems.

I asked for the sleepactive parameter to be changed to 15. No one disconnected this time BUT... the liveries on our cars were all messed up, the timing was all messed up according to the logs for race reports (but somehow we started in the right positions)

Hell one guy (not the fastest even) did 1:27 around zhuhai where there real pole was 1:30 something done by the - very - fast guy obviously but 26 cars i bet was not the best he could've done. I don't think 1:"7 is even possible!!!!

Anyway, at the end of the race the leader (the pole guy) finished, and eventually we all did.. and the timer... and we waited... and waited... and decided to exit without knowing if the logs would be available.

So, no disconnects but now we have new problems :\

Something's very wrong with the whole sync'