Now that Oculus will start to deliver the CV1 an old question is coming back into my mind. From the very first day of development I was so excited about the incredible load of car details what are hidden under the hood. I remember at the sensation that the Ford sign on the valve lid was modeled in 3D, just for instance. Unfortunately we never got a showroom to enjoy all this beautiful details. I bet so many people does not know how many details then cars have, beginning from the calipers to the spark plugs.

Now with the Oculus Rift (also HTC) new oportunities appearing. I saw on a video from Assetto Corsa a guy "steps out" the car and was looking through the hood at the engine (like the control of a free cam). AC allows a free movement in and around the car.

How cool would it be to make this possible in pCars, may be a bit more professional? Dreaming about an VR showroom, may be in pCars 2?

Br, Andy