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Thread: Nascar Ford Fusion, ect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinzah View Post
    There really isn't enough people Ebegging for the Test Track oval and Noose to have pit boxes. It's not really worth the time to add all that asset work and programming for a tiny minority of people.

    If you can really get a large mass together, then you might have a much better shot.
    You're right Shinzah.

    Just taking a shot in the dark.

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    I would pay for a DLC of a fictional oval track. Having said that though, I'm not a huge fan of ovals. I'm just throwing that out there in support of the financial and otherwise remote chance of it happening, but yes, I really would pay for it... within reason of coarse. Anyway, I feel bad for SMS, it's obvious to me they wanted it to happen. I just look forward for further development in the future if it's Pcars2 or whatever else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    Ok gotcha thanks for the reply..

    Sounds like I need to find a Nascar Racing Sim.
    Not a Euro Sim...
    Case closed lol!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    but we still don't have one official Nascar Oval??

    It counts.

    There's even a McDonald's in the middle of the track.

    God damned 'Merica. MUEHHHHHHHH-HELL-YUAH.
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