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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimeyDog View Post
    Funny thing is i used Pcars2 FFB sliders @50% as a rule to tweek R3E "Steering Force" the Default R3E "Steering Force" settings for R3E feel totally wrong The FFB effects settings can be set to bring out what ever you want more of tire Scrub, Curbs etc... Canned effects or Not the way they work in R3E feels Really Good.

    This is the FFB I use... I use on wheel FFB @50% ( I use 50% wheel FFB all Games it just feels right to Me) --> the in Car FFB I leave set at default setting and get No Clipping .... The only thing I change is the in car DOR is set 900 and Steering Lock 20 for most cars and i get 1 to 1 steering.... Some cars like the KTX Bow go higher than 20 so you may have to test and feel to set steering lock but i find 20 is pretty Much 1 to 1 steering with cars i drive alot.

    this should be a Good place to Start FFB Tweeking to get the feel you like.

    R3E is just better than Pcar2 in almost every way... R3E Physics and Handling model seems much more true to life than Pcars2!!! IMO Pcars does have a slight edge when it comes to weight transfer feel --> but Race cars i believe are supposed to feel planted and Not have alot of body weight sway anyway ---> My 350z is No pure race car but at 80+ mph it feels planted to the ground and does Not Lean and sway when taking a corner at reasonable speeds.

    I have been testing R3E vs Pcars2 driving the AMG Gt3 Mercedes on Nubering Nords, Hockenheim Ring, Laguna Seca for 2 weeks and R3E just Wins hands down... the only thing Pcars has in its favor is time advance and Dynamic weather but i can live without that.
    Have a look at the first post (OP) , it was mine from all the way back in March 2016 before I even had a PC , lol I knew i liked it from just trying it on my crappy old laptop !
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