Whilst it is appreciated that we have some data and some very handy analysis tools for pCars I cant help but think this could be enhanced further. In modern times of real life & sim life data plays a very important role. I decided to to do a little comparison between rF2, AC & pCars. As you can see pCars falls rather short in this department. Like many other I am someone that really enjoys setting up my car using good data and analysis tools and have become a much better race driver because of this. What are the chances of some extra data channels in the future to see a more complete picture?

rF2 Data Channels AC Data Channels pCars Data Channels Needed for pCars
Count: 161 Count: 123 Count: 48 Count: 76
Ambient Temperature ABS Active Aero Dmg ABS Active
Beacon ABS Enabled Ambient Temp ABS Enabled
Beacon (Internal) Best Lap Time Boost Amount Best Lap Time
Brake Pos Brake Pos Brake Best Lap Time
Brake Pressure FL Camber FL Brake Dmg FL Camber FL
Brake Pressure FR Camber FR Brake Dmg FR Camber FR
Brake Pressure RL Camber RL Brake Dmg RL Camber RL
Brake Pressure RR Camber RR Brake Dmg RR Camber RR
Brake Temp FL Car Coord X Brake Temp FL Caster FL
Brake Temp FR Car Coord Y Brake Temp FR Caster FR
Brake Temp RL Car Coord Z Brake Temp RL Damper Vel FL
Brake Temp RR Car Damage Front Brake Temp RR Damper Vel FR
Camber FL Car Damage Left Clutch Damper Vel RL
Camber FR Car Damage Rear Engine Dmg Damper Vel RR
Camber RL Car Damage Right Engine RPM Drag
Camber RR Car Pos Norm Fuel Level DRS Active
Cloud Darkness Caster FL Fuel Pres Flags
Clutch Pos Caster FR Gear Front 3rd Pos
Clutch RPM CG Accel Lateral Lat Accel Front Downforce
Drag CG Accel Longitudinal Lng Accel Front Ride Height
Eng Max Gears CG Accel Vertical Oil Pres G Force Lat
Eng Oil Temp CG Height Oil Temp G Force Long
Eng Overheating Chassis Pitch Angle Speed G Force Vert
Eng Water Temp Chassis Pitch Rate Steering GPS Latitude
Engine Max RPM Chassis Roll Angle Susp Dmg FL GPS Longitude
Engine RPM Chassis Roll Rate Susp Dmg FR KERS Level
Engine Torque Chassis Velocity X Susp Dmg RL Position
Front 3rd Pos Chassis Velocity Y Susp Dmg RR Position
Front Downforce Chassis Velocity Z Throttle Raining Severity
Front Flap Active Chassis Yaw Rate Tire Grip FL Rear 3rd Pos
Front Ride Height Clutch Pos Tire Grip FR Rear Downforce
Front Tyre Compound Drive Train Speed Tire Grip RL Rear Tyre Compound
Front Wing Height DRS Active Tire Grip RR Ride Height FL
Fuel Level Engine Limiter Tire Rev FL Ride Height FR
G Force Lat Engine RPM Tire Rev FR Ride Height RL
G Force Long Flags Tire Rev RL Ride Height RR
G Force Vert Fuel Level Tire Rev RR Susp Force FL
Gear Gear Tire Temp FL Susp Force FR
GPS Latitude Ground Speed Tire Temp FR Susp Force RL
GPS Longitude HR Sample Clock Tire Temp RL Susp Force RR
Ground Speed In Pit Tire Temp RR Susp Pos FL
Lat Force FL KERS Level Tire Wear FL Susp Pos FR
Lat Force FR Lap Invalidated Tire Wear FR Susp Pos RL
Lat Force RL Lap Time Tire Wear RL Susp Pos RR
Lat Force RR Lap Time2 Tire Wear RR TC Active
Lat Ground Vel FL Last Lap Time Track Temp TC Enabled
Lat Ground Vel FR Last Sector Time Water Pres Tire Slip Angle FL
Lat Ground Vel RL LR Sample Clock Water Temp Tire Slip Angle FR
Lat Ground Vel RR Max Fuel Tire Slip Angle RL
Lat Patch Vel FL Max Power Tire Slip Angle RR
Lat Patch Vel FR Max RPM Toe In FL
Lat Patch Vel RL Max Sus Travel FL Toe In FR
Lat Patch Vel RR Max Sus Travel FR Toe In RL
Long Ground Vel FL Max Sus Travel RL Toe In RR
Long Ground Vel FR Max Sus Travel RR Turbo Boost
Long Ground Vel RL Max Torque Tyre Compound
Long Ground Vel RR MR Sample Clock Tyre Pressure FL
Long Patch Vel FL Num Tires Off Track Tyre Pressure FR
Long Patch Vel FR Position Tyre Pressure RL
Long Patch Vel RL Raw Data Sample Rate Tyre Pressure RR
Long Patch Vel RR Ride Height FL Tyre Temp FL Centre
Off Path Wetness Ride Height FR Tyre Temp FL Inner
On Path Wetness Ride Height RL Tyre Temp FL Outer
Ori Quat W Ride Height RR Tyre Temp FR Center
Ori Quat X Self Align Torque FL Tyre Temp FR Inner
Ori Quat Y Self Align Torque FR Tyre Temp FR Outer
Ori Quat Z Self Align Torque RL Tyre Temp RL Centre
Pit Speed Limiter Self Align Torque RR Tyre Temp RL Inner
Raining Severity Session Lap Count Tyre Temp RL Outer
Rear 3rd Pos Session Time Left Tyre Temp RR Center
Rear Brake Bias Steering Angle Tyre Temp RR Inner
Rear Downforce Suspension Travel FL Tyre Temp RR Outer
Rear Flap Active Suspension Travel FR Vehicle Pitch
Rear Flap Status Suspension Travel RL Vehicle Roll
Rear Ride Height Suspension Travel RR Wind direction
Rear Tyre Compound TC Active Windspeed
Ride Height FL TC Enabled
Ride Height FR Throttle Pos
Ride Height RL Tire Dirt Level FL
Ride Height RR Tire Dirt Level FR
Slide Pct FL Tire Dirt Level RL
Slide Pct FR Tire Dirt Level RR
Slide Pct RL Tire Load FL
Slide Pct RR Tire Load FR
Steering Tire Load RL
Steering Shaft Torque Tire Load RR
Surface Type FL Tire Loaded Radius FL
Surface Type FR Tire Loaded Radius FR
Surface Type RL Tire Loaded Radius RL
Surface Type RR Tire Loaded Radius RR
Susp Force FL Tire Pressure FL
Susp Force FR Tire Pressure FR
Susp Force RL Tire Pressure RL
Susp Force RR Tire Pressure RR
Susp Pos FL Tire Radius FL
Susp Pos FR Tire Radius FR
Susp Pos RL Tire Radius RL
Susp Pos RR Tire Radius RR
Throttle Pos Tire Rubber Grip FL
Toe FL Tire Rubber Grip FR
Toe FR Tire Rubber Grip RL
Toe RL Tire Rubber Grip RR
Toe RR Tire Slip Angle FL
Track Temperature Tire Slip Angle FR
Turbo Boost Pressure Tire Slip Angle RL
Tyre Carcass Temp FL Tire Slip Angle RR
Tyre Carcass Temp FR Tire Slip Ratio FL
Tyre Carcass Temp RL Tire Slip Ratio FR
Tyre Carcass Temp RR Tire Slip Ratio RL
Tyre Load FL Tire Slip Ratio RR
Tyre Load FR Tire Temperature FL
Tyre Load RL Tire Temperature FR
Tyre Load RR Tire Temperature RL
Tyre Pressure FL Tire Temperature RR
Tyre Pressure FR Toe In FL
Tyre Pressure RL Toe In FR
Tyre Pressure RR Toe In RL
Tyre Rubber Temp FL C Toe In RR
Tyre Rubber Temp FL I Turbo Boost
Tyre Rubber Temp FL O Wheel Angular Speed FL
Tyre Rubber Temp FR C Wheel Angular Speed FR
Tyre Rubber Temp FR I Wheel Angular Speed RL
Tyre Rubber Temp FR O Wheel Angular Speed RR
Tyre Rubber Temp RL C
Tyre Rubber Temp RL I
Tyre Rubber Temp RL O
Tyre Rubber Temp RR C
Tyre Rubber Temp RR I
Tyre Rubber Temp RR O
Tyre Temp FL Centre
Tyre Temp FL Inner
Tyre Temp FL Outer
Tyre Temp FR Center
Tyre Temp FR Inner
Tyre Temp FR Outer
Tyre Temp RL Centre
Tyre Temp RL Inner
Tyre Temp RL Outer
Tyre Temp RR Center
Tyre Temp RR Inner
Tyre Temp RR Outer
Tyre Wear FL
Tyre Wear FR
Tyre Wear RL
Tyre Wear RR
Vehicle Pitch
Vehicle Roll
Vertical Tyre Deflection FL
Vertical Tyre Deflection FR
Vertical Tyre Deflection RL
Vertical Tyre Deflection RR
Wheel Rot Speed FL
Wheel Rot Speed FR
Wheel Rot Speed RL
Wheel Rot Speed RR
Wheel Y Location FL
Wheel Y Location FR
Wheel Y Location RL
Wheel Y Location RR
Wind direction
Addon Maths Addon Maths
Damper Vel FL Damper Vel FL
Damper Vel FR Damper Vel FR
Damper Vel RL Damper Vel RL
Damper Vel RR Damper Vel RR
Cor Speed Cor Speed
GPS Long & Lat GPS Long & Lat