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Thread: GPU Usage is 40%-60% w/ Vsync Off

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    GPU Usage is 40%-60% w/ Vsync Off

    About a week back I remember turning off Vsync and getting 99%, now it does it own thing and I had to reduce quality from high to medium just to get my 144fps.

    GTX 970 (x1)
    i5 750
    (w/ 4GHz OC there is a little bit improvement)

    Game Version:

    What I have tried:
    Uninstall and reinstalling 364.51 NVIDIA driver (from .74)
    Power management mode to High performance under the NVIDIA control panel.

    Edit: Turn off VSync in Battlefield 4 and GPU went to 99%

    Would there be a fix in the next update or is there a setting I have to change? Why did it work a week ago but not now?
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    Your CPU will be the bottleneck, what are your CPU % figures while playing?
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    It's not that because my cpu didn't change from a week ago when it was using my gpu to its full potential.

    My cpu maybe runs 70% average per core I know on Assassin's Creed that game sucks up all the power it can from my cpu.
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    With the latest update 10.1, the visual options got defaulted back to their original settings (which may not be what you had previously). For instance, motion blur and other options are enabled as well as AA methods altered. Go through your settings and make sure they are set back to what you had prior to patch 10.1 and you should see the same performance you had previously.
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