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Thread: [SOLVED] Q:0000065450 - Application load error

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    Question [SOLVED] Q:0000065450 - Application load error

    WTF F****...!!!
    Just kidding I actually read the sticky post on how to report an issue and try to be as non-cheeky as possible =)

    My name's Richard and I've played Project CARS for about 7 h (according to Steam) though I couldn't play for the last 2 weeks as I got new job and a new appartment.
    Well I now had to download the latest update first before I could play again and since I did so I receive an error message as soon a I start my game.
    "Application load error Q:0000065450"

    First things first. My Spec:
    Windows10, 64bit with all the latest updates
    GeForce Experience
    Microsoft Security Essentials (or whatever it is called nowadays)
    Steam (that's how I bought the game)

    Intel c2d e8400 (3,0GHz, non-OCed)
    8GB DDR2 RAM
    GeForce GTX 660 2GB
    1x SSD (OS)
    1x HDD (Games)
    Monitor running @ FullHD resolution

    Anyway as soon as I hit the 'Play' button in my Steam Games Library the regular window pops up (Preparing to play or whatever it is) and then it takes about 10 seconds until I receive a sudden error:
    Titel: "Steam Error"; Text: "Application load error Q:0000065450"; Response: "OK"

    Well I tried what's suggested in one of the sticky posts:
    * Delete dx11graphics conf file
    * Update to latest graphics driver
    * Look into Windows Event Viewer (not a single event reported from Steam / Project CARS)
    * Set -dx9 as startup option
    * Disable any overlay (disabled the steam one)

    But still I get the same error.
    The next thing to do would be to delete the whole game, redownload and reinstall - but the internet connection in my new appartment isn't the very best so I'd love to avoid this.

    It'd be great if anyone could give me a hint where to look next or even manage to resolve the problem.

    Have a great day and race
    - Richard

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    I see your spec but just try add -x86 to the -dx9 and see what happens
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    Always see this for pc troubleshooting:

    Before uninstalling/installing may be a good idea to verify integrity of game cache within steam.
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    Thanks for the reply lollygag.
    Added -x86 but it didn't change a thing :/

    I forgot about the Steam game cache integrity check. Gonna run this now

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    Thank you beetes_juice
    I forgot about the Steam game cache integrity check and it solved my problem.
    Steam found 6 files that weren't correct and fixed them - Project CARS works again.

    So in case anyone else suffers from: Q:0000065450 - Application load error in Project CARS
    Run the steam cache integrity check (Right click onto the game in your steam library, open its properties, go to the game data tab and run the check) and hope everything will work out.
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