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Thread: Bug (?) Euro Track Day on Zolder with Scion rocket bunny

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    Bug (?) Euro Track Day on Zolder with Scion rocket bunny

    can someone please check if its only on my side or a bug.
    i want to drive this event a few moments ago in the scion rocket bunny and im sitting on the co-driver seat or more infront of the rear mirror
    in the outside cams i see the driver on the left side of the car but all ingame cams im like a ghost sitting right side from myself.

    EDIT: *arghh* im getting old...
    i forgot to re-adjust the FOV after some testing...
    has anyone a idea how to start the game on a triple setup in the center TV without running in window mode?
    i cant tell windows whats my main screen because windows thinks its one big (NVidia souround).
    i cant set the FOV high enough.. 158 max, FOV calculator says 178 :/
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