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Thread: Project Cars Wont Display in Headset!!! CV1

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    Project Cars Wont Display in Headset!!! CV1

    No matter what I do Project Cars doesn't seem to display to my headset.
    It only displays on my computer monitor, yet I can see it using the VR settings and headtracking, but it just wont output that VR display to the Oculus Rift unit itself! During the first week I had the unit it worked fine. I have unplugged my rift several times, but its all plugged in correctly.
    Please help! Does anyone else have this issue?

    I have the Oculus Store version and not the Steam version of the game, I cant understand why it was working a week or so ago and now it just sits at a loading screen in the VR headset or it will say "We had issues loading Project Cars, take off your headset and look for windows errors" but there are no errors displayed.
    And for the life of me I cant find any settings in the actual game that allow me to force the thing to display to the Rift.

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