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Thread: Pagani Huayra BC

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    Quote Originally Posted by havocc View Post
    At least doesn't have that mega understeer of the standard version
    I never had this problem. I don't think I ever drove with the default setup though. If anything my setup tends to have oversteer. I think what you meant was that your setup or the default setup had this problem.

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    The Bc has a default high acc lock that makes it quite nasty at some corners, i tried at spa and at pouhon and stavelot exit i got oversteer (with TC enabled)

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    I can't comprehend a complaint about the turbo sounds being too loud? Only time I can hear the turbos is if I play offline. Turbo sounds are missing on lots of cars when you play multiplayer, its a real bummer because I love me some intense turbo spooling sound, instead of some generic motor sound.

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    Default setup looks odd on this car when compared to the other Huayra, the BC has softer springs and a higher ride height, whilst I can understand the softer spring to a certain extent as the car is lighter but not half the strength (166 plays 80 on the front end). Considering this is a hardcore track biased car the numbers don't seem to make sense?!

    It is fun to drive though

    Be very interesting to see the physics numbers when it comes to motion ratios, unsprung weights and damper switch over speeds to see how the under the skin stuff compares between the two cars...

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    Will indeed be interesting to see if there are any changes. FWIW it could be Pagani "coming to their senses", the original Huayra supposedly ran springs used on the Zonda R, which makes for a really damn stiff setup (2.7 Hz front, 2.4 Hz rear), perhaps too stiff. Using the unsprung weights and motion ratios from the base Huayra and substituting weight and weight distribution from the BC, it still comes out at just over 2 Hz, which is Porsche 911 GT3 range (also a very track oriented car), not soft by any means. I definitely feel like the BC works better on the road tyres, whether that's due to a softer setup or just an otherwise improved car I can't say for sure. =)

    Of course it could be that there have been changes in the underpinnings and the motion ratios have changed. The default springs on the Huayra bring the wheel rates close to 75 N/mm, if the Huayra BC had 1:1 motion ratios applied at both ends this car would have a slightly stiffer front and a slightly softer rear wheel rate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jussi Viljami Karjalainen View Post
    Well at least they're still simulated, which is the main point. =)

    Yeah, replay limitations suck, hopefully pCARS 2 will improve upon those, I'd definitely love to see the dynamic aero stuff actually be properly dynamic and not just on/off in replays.
    Is that currently a limitation in the engine ot did they do it on purpose to keep the frames as close to 60 as possible?

    It redlines at 6100 RPM in the game by the way which I find annoying because the actual Huayra BC redlines at 6500 RPM.

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