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Thread: Missing Community Events

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    Missing Community Events

    Hi, apologies if this is already covered somewhere else, but I've hunted around the forums and the help documentation...

    It looks like I'm missing recent Community Events?

    I go into the Community Events area (PC by the way) and I see 37 events. The first is "Bavarian Legend" which then gives an error of "Error retrieving scores". I then have 36 other events which have either expired or I can't enter because I'm missing DLC.

    I'm happy that I won't be able to enter all events if I don't have DLC, but one of the most recent events was Imola in the Alpina - which I believe were standard content(?) and the Esports pages suggest anybody could post a time for. Surely this event should have been available on the weekend in which it ran?

    Please, what am I missing? This should be simple.

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    ...Found this thread this morning where Stepan Vondrak identifies a fix. Some problem with a flaky game cache, very frustrating! (Thanks Stepan).

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