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Thread: Wireless PS4 Dashboard V2.0... It's nearly ready, and now BETTER..

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    Quote Originally Posted by userless View Post
    Is this project dead? is project cars...
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    Are you selling these? How much if so? Are they wireless to the system?

    Quote Originally Posted by cyclicscooby View Post
    Hi Guys..

    I've been busy improving the first prototype dash, and have now got to a point where I happy..

    Ironed out those wrinkles, made it a bit Larger, more informative, faster, smoother, and most importantly... MORE BLING...
    Version 2.0, the production version, is coming....

    - From 1.5" to 2.8", means nearly FOUR TIMES more screen space, but ONLY TWICE the height, so it won't get in the way of the TV...

    More onscreen, real time data, including...
    - Current, Last & Best Laptime 's - simultaneously. Current Laptime goes RED if you cut the track and get an Invalid Laptime.. Instantly informing you of a mistake..
    - Current Lap - Displays "Lap xx" if event is OPEN. i.e Practice, Qualifying, etc.. But shows "Lap xx / xx" if there's a set number of laps..
    - Position - Realtime update. Know if you got your nose into the corner first at a glance.. As with Lap no. above, It displays "Position x / x" if there are other participants.
    - Aero Damage - Similar to the fuel gauge, but shows increasing Aero Damage
    - NEW smoother graphic 'fonts'.
    - Speedo has been improved to make display smoother and flicker free.

    Shiftlight -
    - now 15 progressive, individually fading pixels, in an ARC of light... Setup NOT to dazzle, but be easily visible.
    - Now mounted behind clear perspex, ABOVE the screen enclosure, so you can see the TV thru it...
    - (Can be removed from mount and placed on wheel base.- Fits T300RS like a glove. NOTE- At owners risk..!!! More on that later... )
    - Carbon Fibre Effect covering with Perspex faced enclosures...

    Perspex 'Bridge' - ( If not yet below, see the later vids in my previous 'Dash v1.0' post to see the 'Bridge' )
    - A non intrusive clear perspex 'bridge' that sits over the wheel base. For mounting Dashboard modules.
    - NEW -Includes built in lighting effects ( controlled by the main box )
    - Will be available as an option.
    - Pre-drilled for Rev Counter. Pre-drilled for Gear Indicator mount.
    - 'Rig' or 'Tabletop' Mount...
    PLUS... Yet to be seen...
    - Grid start lights for the 'GO GO GO'...
    - Visual recognition of INVALID Laptimes...... And good ones
    - In Menu RGB 'LightIng Effect'

    ..... Up coming Vids will reveal all...

    Matching 'Wireless' Button Box -
    - Bluetooth connection to PS4, Separate 2.4G radio link to dashboard for Realtime feedback.
    - Turn the glowing Blue 'key' for Ignition on, off. Press the same, now pulsating Red 'key' to Start the Engine..
    - Reacts to engine stalling. Goes from dark Red (engine running ) to Bright Pulsating Red as soon as you stall...
    - Button Box lights REACT to game in Realtime.. (Ignition, Engine Start/Stop, Headlights)
    - Plus 13 Real Metal, chrome dome push buttons. Pre-programmed to be keyboard 'A' - 'M'. Totally assignable in Pcars.
    - Matching appearance to Screen and Gear Indicator with Carbon fibre effect and Perspex face.
    - Separate, independent, full RGB lighting effects using LIght Pipes... ( Fully works Only with Dash controller )
    - Can be used as a stand alone FULL wireless button box WITHOUT my Dashboard, but interactive lighting effects WILL NOT work.

    It will be available as a Modular system.. Prices yet to be confirmed...

    Main 'Black Box' Dashboard controller - MUST have this to run ANY add on..
    - Controls ALL optional add-ons.
    - High quality 'Connex' metal connectors throughout. Screw collars ensure plugs will never come loose, even on the most violent 6DOF rig..!!
    - Includes LCD 'Dashboard' display,
    - Shiftlight and mount.
    - Seperate Warning lights module (Abs/Esp/TC + Low Oil Pressure/Battery/Mainbeam)
    - Includes PSU.

    - Plug and play optional add-ons. Just plug ANY new add-on into its allocated socket, and it will start working... ( Except for the button box, which is wireless )

    Options / AddOns -

    1) 11,000 Rpm RevCounter with THREE working, internal gauges. Water temp / Oil Temp / Oil pressure. Comes with it's own external On/Off shift light, ( setup in Rev counter. )

    2) Gear Indicator. LED matrix of circa 128 surface mount, white LED's. With Carbon Fibre effect surround and clear perspex face..

    3) Perspex 'Bridge', designed around a Thrustmaster T300 RS, but is big enough to fit over other types.. Includes Lighting effect. 'Rig' or 'Tabletop' mounting options..

    Finally.... Not directly 'Dashboard' related, but kinda...

    Would you be interested in a Rig like mine...

    A wooden, flat pack rig..
    Made to fit a real car seat. Ford I know fit, other will follow.. Keeps original seat runners to adjust back/forth.
    Breaks into two halves in 10 seconds, but is super sturdy. Seat frame unclips and slides off the 'spine', making moving and storage easier..

    Way more stable than metal frames, that rock and sway..
    Made mainly from 3"x 3" and a little 2x3 timber.

    Wheel Platform is 1.5" marine ply, ready for a bolt thru, or clamp wheel mount. Mines bolted down, and IS part of the rig, not wobbly and fidgety in the hand..
    Full width Pedal platform, in 0.5" marine ply. Bolt down and forget.. Fully attached to the rig, with wire cut outs and P-clips for mess free, simple cable management..
    Built in Gearstick mounting Arm.. Attach to whichever side you prefer during build. Tough 3x3 x 2 arm, plus diagnal 3x3 bracing, for the most 'energetic' player...

    Two small wheels that only contact the floor when the rig is tipped up, for easy manoeuvrability..

    Tag line would be something like...
    "Not the most elegant or lightweight rig I've seen, but boy is it strong. PLUS it breaks down, in to two parts for easy storage....

    Note - All 'Carbon fibre effect' is high quality 3M "DiNoc", NOT cheap, thin film.. Bling AND Quality...

    Does all that sound tempting.. ???

    It's not going to be on sale immediately, and will be small quantities to start with, as I'll have to make each one by hand...,
    If enough of you ARE interested, i could quit the day jjob and ramp up production..

    I still need to finalise a PCB price, but otherwise, what you see, albeit, a bit more 'polished' is what's on offer...

    Pics, Vids, and more info on the new dash coming in the next couple of day...

    Luv Chrisie.. xx
    Are you selling these? How much if so? Are they wireless to the system?

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    i am certainly interested in just the Speedometer is that something that can be done? thanks

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    How much for the rev counter to work on ps4?
    I don't want any other gadgets just the rev counter thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jam316 View Post
    How much for the rev counter to work on ps4?
    I don't want any other gadgets just the rev counter thanks
    Would be interested in the source code. Are you willing to sjare it? Thx

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    Im interested in one if this is still an ongoing project? Great work!

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    What would I need to simply just have a rev counter working on the ps4 is there instructions to just that? Or an you sell me a working rev counter for the ps4 thanks.

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