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Thread: Understanding Project Cars 3D

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    Understanding Project Cars 3D

    Hello all,
    I have Project Cars for the pc and while I haven't played it in a very long time, I want to get back into it. My PC is hooked up to a 3D capable projector. I'm running a 3D capable Nvidia graphics card. Is project cars not capable of true 3D?... as in is there anywhere to turn on a true 3D mode? Or is the only native 3D mode in the game only available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive?

    I remember when my PS3 was hooked up to this same projector, there was a setting in the game to make it 3d and I thought that was pretty cool.

    I supposed I could always get the game for my PS4 and get the Playstation VR when it comes out, but then I will need to get a new wheel.

    The other option I have is to use Trinus VR and try to get some sort of 3D going using my Samsung Gear VR headset. I've seen youtube videos on this, but I have no idea how they set it up.

    Anyway, for starters, I guess I want to know if the game has a 3D native support so I can try it out with my 3D projector.


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    Hello Dougdude9

    pCars doesn't have a "Normal" 3D Support. (Don't know a Game Now a Days that support something like this)
    There is only the VR Option for Hive or the Rift.

    Also be aware, that there is at the moment no PS VR Support. (We don't have a Statement if this will come later - I personally don't think so, because of the lacking Power of the Console)

    However, you can always try a 2D-3D Converter on Software Basis.
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    Ah ok... My assumption was all wrong then. I had assumed that the game was a native 3D game... like some side-by-side type thing and as long as your had a 3D compatible card and monitor, it would work. I just thought the Oculus Rift would just be considered a fancy 3D monitor.

    Sounds like I would be better off upgrading my graphics card and looking into Rift or Vive then... expensive!

    So there are no games that are natively 3D anymore? Bummer! I remember playing Gran Turismo on the ps3 and hooking it up to a 3D tv, going in the menu and turning on 3d, and boom... it was pretty darn cool.

    I might look into using Trinus with my Gear VR and seeing what that looks like. Supposedly has headtracking. The display will probably be disappointing though.

    Thanks again,

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