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Thread: Why cant we see our friends times in community events ???

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    Lightbulb Why cant we see our friends times in community events ???

    What could better promote community event than the possibility to compare our times with our friends ???

    We do it alone and end up compairing with "the world", no idea who they are, if they are good or not...
    knowing no one will see if we did a really good time but if we are in the first page.

    If it was like time trials and we could see friends times, then it worth doing it again and again to beat our buddies.

    Time trial on his side is such a nonsence, it show our friends times but only show best time, no matter what car we used. (at last it show the car used !)

    Big deal when you want to compare your times on Monza with a Ruf GT3 if you raced it with a Formula in the past... too bad, you are screwed Sir.

    Place to improvements on these parts of that awesome game/Sim.

    Sad that you dont hire in Canada for remote testing/consultent.
    I'm on my sim almost 40h/ week. lol

    Worked in Flight Sim industry, would like to switch to Sim Racing one day.
    I beta test for 3rd party apps devs, but doing it for the main game would be great.

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