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Thread: Mercedes SLK-LM right hand mirror reflection is the left hand mirror mirrored!

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    Mercedes SLK-LM right hand mirror reflection is the left hand mirror mirrored!

    Mercedes SLK-LM right hand mirror reflection is the left hand mirror mirrored! If that makes sense!

    Pull over to the left hand side of the track and the reflection in the rhs mirror shows the barrier getting closer. So the mirror is no good for seeing the cars coming on the right, and it doesn't help with immersion using the Rift.

    I searched and got zero results, but I would expect that this has been reported already as mirrors are fundamental to racing. If this is a duplicate post I apologise.

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    Would you be able to post a screenshot? You're indeed the first to report this
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    Yes indeed that is the case for me as well, just never really used side mirrors because single screen... Good catch.
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