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    Quote Originally Posted by F1_Racer68 View Post
    Main reason I don't go for the FPS genre...... Running around the same 15 maps for hours on end shooting a bunch of bunny hopping 12 year olds just gets really old after a few hours........

    The really good historic recreation, storyline approach seemed to die off after the very first Call of Duty.

    I played the Medal of Honor series, original CoD, and most of the Tom Clancy based ones such as GRAW. but that was pretty much the end. Once they got so focused on multiplayer they killed the games for me.

    Ironically, when it comes to racing sims I am the exact HAS to have MP or it's a no go..... Go
    Just like Sim Racing MP, you need to find like minded players or join a clan, then it can be a lot of fun.
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