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Thread: Anything you could ever want...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Prynne View Post
    That post of mine wasn't serious by the way..... perhaps I should add sarcasm disclaimers as well
    ...and make your signature even bigger?
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    ^ You leave my sig out of this.... you sig hater
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    Lol, maybe not all cars ever made but definitely the majority of cars that are raced would be a good idea.
    Make a racing realism Sim that has open world connectability, that requires like 150 gbs of space hahahaha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mars1 View Post
    This. I'm sure others have felt the same way but I've felt like this is something I really want to see some day. I've even thought maybe I'll have to learn how to make games myself in order to do so.
    The cars would be sorted by year, company and then model, and each model would have their variations for each year, along with racing and non racing versions, along with test track versions as well.
    You would be able to switch engines with whatever was available during the time in real life, like switching a 427 out of a 66' cobra and putting a 289 in its place, or whatever would fit. Also the engine sounds would have to be entirely realistic, and the damage models, you'd have an option for your driver to be injured in collisions, wrecks and whatnot or you could just have vehicle damage. Also, I'd like to be able to drive through real cities, whole cities with working lights and traffic that you could create on the fly races using the GPS like in forza or test drive unlimited, but with more places to go.
    I'd also like to be able to adjust my weight distribution like with ballast or something like that, it's an important setting for me.
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