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Thread: Oreca 03 Nissan LMP2 setup @24 H Lemans

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    Oreca 03 Nissan LMP2 setup @24 H Lemans

    Hello everyone,

    I'm struggling trying to have a balanced setup for this car at Le Mans track. I'm using a low DF setup and a medium spring rate (150/150) because of all bumps on the track, but I've a lot of issues with 1st and last 2 chicanes, everytime I try to set an hotlap the risk of spin out while entering the curb is too high.

    I tried to reduce traction control, increase deceleration differential and brake mapping but I can't reach not only a 3:39 but also a consistency in 3:40 because of lot of mistakes in slow curbs.

    Does someone has a good setup to share?
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    Have a look at my setup at (username frinkyak), it's a basetune, but it also worked well at Le Mans, just with low aero settings. For me the setup is pretty stable.

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