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Thread: If anyone wants it, I have an idea for a Safety Car

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    If anyone wants it, I have an idea for a Safety Car

    Hi guys

    To put a Multiplayer Safety Car concept into place for your league you need 2 people in the lobby not Racing. 1 of them retires from the session and watches for incidents.If one is found, they notify the Safety Car driver who is in an obviously different category of car (so road for single seater; etc)that their is an incident and drives onto the circuit, for he needs to be parked in a safe zone at the side if the track, and wait for the leadwr to come round, ehi stats behind me.The Safety Car has to maintain a predetermined speed so when it goes above, say,60mph (after the player in the pits has signalled the race can go green again) the race leader knows that it is about to pull off to the side of the track and can back up the field for when he chooses to accelerate.

    Just thought you would want to know as it might come in useful for groups of racers.

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    I know this is old but not a bad idea. I would do it if i was part of a league

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