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Thread: G920 set up guide for XB1

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    G920 set up guide for XB1

    Hello gents, been away for a LONG time but I'm back... no longer on a controller as I have bought myself a G920 to enhance the experience. Feels really good from the off but I want it calibrated to my needs, not the default or someones attempt at guessing the settings. However after looking at the Jack spade stuff I have to admit I am flummoxed (I'm afraid they are beyond my capabilities). I understand the more basic parts of the set ups but then Per wheel movement, Wheel position Smoothing, Scoop knee etc are leaving me thinking I should just leave well alone... but... I have found that messing with some of them has taken chunks of time off and felt better. The enormous amount of variables is staggering and it leaves me cold thinking I have to methodically work through each of the settings testing each at various levels to 'feel' what is happening - and then also considering the influence one setting has on all or some of the others....
    Should I run with default settings, or is it worth the time and effort to try and work out IF and which adjustments will help me? Do you know of a step by step guide or something that will smooth my journey into this teeming abyss of settings, or have any advice that will help? I know I can get it to what I want, just don't know how....
    Thanks Ladies and Gents....

    and does anyone know how or if I can change my forum name as I am now EMW Smiler?
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    Go here and register so you can see some examples set ups for the G920. Then read his tutorial to try to understand the functions and what they do.
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    I treated myself to a Logitech G920 last week and i found this video from Inside Sim Racing really useful for wheel setups .
    The site Sheebna gave you is really good too hope this helps .
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