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Thread: Fanatec csw v2 help

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    How'd your issue go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Davidhatton View Post
    I have upgraded my wheel from a t300 to a cswv2 but my win 10 64bit pc does not see it in the device manager

    If i hold the start button for 8 seconds until i get a quater blue led it starts the firmware upgrade program and it is reconised by windows 10 after the upgrade it re boots and then it is not reconised

    I have the latesst v261 driver loaded and it sees my pedals as a usb device and they work ok

    When i start the wheel the stary button goes solid for anout ten seconds then starts to flash
    I cant find any info on what the led error codes are ie one quater red or all red flashing

    Any help would be apreciated as i dont know where to go from here.

    How did you go with this? I am having the same issue...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Ruthberg View Post
    How did you go with this? I am having the same issue...

    If possible, try it on another computer to rule out the PC. If it doesn't work then (or if you can't do that), then contact Fanatec support.
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