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Thread: rFactor 2

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    Too bad then. Guess only SMS can help by implementing ... something. I really can't imagine how to solve that.

    TBH, I think the only sim that does it perfect (including the banking weirdness) is iRacing.

    Sorry for the OT.

    /OT as I can't really help you
    My feedback is always on default setup unless stated otherwise. Auto-Clutch is OFF
    Still hoping for Estoril one day

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    Hopefully they can get it running on both AMD and nVidia the same .

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    Are we getting a roadmap update for this month or does the announcement article for the GT3 pack take that slot?
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    Recently reinstalled it to try the VR support and i have to say it's great!
    Also some of the new mods are really good, expecially the drift supra, the old formula cars (i love the 1988 mod) and the WTCC mod.
    I think i'm going to spend quite a lot of time with it, the VR is done really good and on my old PC it doesn't look a lot worse than PCars2 (even a bit better on aliasing and flickering).
    The only thing i feel is missing are some high quality tracks, the phisics and the cars are really a joy for me, and since i mostly do hotlaps and offline racing i don't really need anything else, i think it will replace RRE as my "second to go" sim after pCars2.
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