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Thread: The Emporeror's Festive Bonanza Community Event

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    The Emporeror's Festive Bonanza Community Event

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but would like my time removed from the current Community Event as the time set is a blatant track cut that I didn't think would work. I was not trying to cheat, just curious to see if it would work and unfortunately it did!!!

    Drivers name is Headpain, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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    PS4 final event 7 Cheats

    Happy new year at Rupaura Gp on PS4 not 7 idiots who can not perform a reasonable lap have appeared on page one of this event,i have been in events since early days seen many things but to gain 6 or 7 seconds is ridiculous.i was 18th 1.15'478 looking to improve today no pont now.These not good players should have times removed.Another track should have been chosen,feel sorry for them above me Joker1 was first with a real fast 1.14.2's and now it's some fool who no one has heard of before shame real shame.Project Finished.I played 442hrs on this title.The game was is great but this open to all retards events spoiled it.

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    Does nobody moderate these events? Surely the top three times should be subjected to review until the places are filled with legally set times.

    There are some awesomely good times set by fantastic drivers that I can't even get close to, so they deserve proper recognition.
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