Hi guys, on the 27th February their will be a 2.4 hour race on all 3 platforms.The lobby will be for any GT3 cars and open at 7:40 pm GMT with a 15 minute qualifying before a 64 lap race.

Their will be an in game rolling start, Force Real Assists but allow custom setups and exterior view.Mechanical Failures and Damage will be fully on and their will be real fuel and tyre usage.Flags and Penalties will be enabled and it is unconfirmed on weather but it will be a daytime race.

To enter, please post your username, car and livery (please do not select a number already taken for your platform)below along with a ping test result.For more information go to ApexOnlineRacing.Com-Forums-Project CARS Community Events-2.4 hours of Spa for more information.