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Thread: GT Planet pCARS2 Q&A with Ian Bell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadows View Post
    I would be disappointed if RallyCross was removed from the game. I would completely understand if there was another game about rally as a whole, but close dogfight like in rallycross have a perfect place in project cars (and I'm not sure I would buy another racing game just for the rallycross since I don't care about solo rally races
    Yeah, the lack of RX was the reason I did not by the first PC game. I would not buy PC3 if this was the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyb_84 View Post
    Some great info in that thread.

    I'm worried for Monza if i read that correctly
    Monza resides inside an Italian National park. It's protected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by breyzipp View Post
    Any link to where he says that?
    can't post link as a rookie but see post #172, plenty to see

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