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    Since project cars is now free to download from xbox live there's going to be alot of new comers to the game so heres a little helpful controller setup guide to make the steering/Handling less twitchy and playable.

    To change the controller settings head over to options and help - then controls - then configuration and apply the following.

    Steering deadzone 0
    Steering sensitivity 0
    Throttle deadzone 0
    Throttle sensitivity 0
    Brake deadzone 0
    Brake sensitivity 0
    Clutch deadzone 0
    Clutch sensitivity 100

    Speed sensitivity 68 - the higher the value the less twitchy the steering is at high speeds and have less steering lock at higher speeds.

    Controller filtering sensitivity 68
    Force feedback 75 - Personal prefrence
    Controller input mode 3
    Advanced on
    Soft steering dampening on
    Visual wheel filtering on
    Opposite lock help off

    Hope this helps everyone out!
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    Good idea mate may save lots of questions being asked .
    Slow In Fast Out
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    Here is my suggestion for the XBox One controller (I use Elite Controller):

    1) Follow the video from Moneyman300 :

    2) I dropped force feedback to like 30 or something, I still found that 80 to be way too strong. For the rest I left everything exactly as in the video

    A car that really drives great straight out of the box (after applying Moneyman's generic controller settings) is the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

    Note to new players : some cars you will absolutely love, others you will absolutely hate (karts anyone? ). Don't stick too long with a car that doesn't do what you want it to do, move on to another one.
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