Not sure how the current state of this game's so called "profanity filter" is remotely acceptable to anybody. To call it draconian is a massive understatement. Excessively common names are filtered out for absolutely no reasonable explanation. A quick Google search shows this to be a huge issue with this game. The most recent example I can give you is my own actual last name, Anderson.

If I change it to the alternative spelling of Andersen, no problem. Near as I can tell, the game is filtering the partial word "son", which holy cow, seriously?! I just verified that Son by itself will get filtered along with every other name that contains it. Clearly this game is using some custom developed profanity filter, but this has gone way outside the lines.

Is the developer still addressing issues with this game? If so, can we please get one of the following two things done:
1. Fix the filter
2. Add the ability to disable the filter (either entirely as on PC, or at the very least within the single player campaign)

Pushing back with PEGI/ESRB rating rules does not fly here at all, as there are a huge number of games that have hit this rating without resorting to a broken profanity filter for things like your player's name.