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Here's some gameplay for you guys.

You know, Long Beach bores me to the back of my teeth because a) I don't like the layout of the track to begin with and b) it's been WAY overused on Forza 5 & 6. Still, seeing that video in cockpit view I truly like how during sunset you see the shadows of the palmtrees on the tarmac of the long straight after the start/finish line. Forza only has sunny daytime weather so that is how I know this track. I'm actually very curious to see how this looks during the night, I think the track might come to life in a whole different way than what I'm used to. That way tracks which are even familiar from other games will still look very different thanks to the lighting and weather.

On the downside, the sound of the 720S was a whole lot more impressive in that replay camera view but I guess that can be said for every racing game.