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Thread: Visual bugs and some noticeable issues

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    Visual bugs and some noticeable issues

    Hi team SMS!

    The Huayra and P1 have a visual bug where you don't see their active aero working in the replays. It's just stuck in one place. However, with tht P1, the aero doesn't move while racing other.

    The Xb1 version still has tearing and frame drops on occasions - can we please have this resolved? It can get annoying when you're focusing hard on keeping your car on the edge. There are also objects and shadows popping in and out of view during replays and racing.

    While I'm at it, may I know what the correct exposure compensation setting is? 0.8 looks just about right but then the beams don't project properly while night driving. Still, a setting of 1.00 makes the cockpit lights rather bright.

    Thanks for your help - would be thrilled to see an X1 patch that resolves all performance and visual issues for good.

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    Im pretty sure the whole SMS team is working on PC2 mate so i highly doubt they will patch anything on PC1 now .
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    Well, that's tough because I just got the all season pass very excitedly and discovered the Huayra BC does not redline past 6100 RPM even though though the external view tacho indicates redline at 7000 revs.

    From the cockpit gauges however, you can see that it's redlining at just under 6200 rpm but car reviews indicate it redlines at 6500. Plus, it also sounds "louder and meaner" according to reviews, next to the standard Huayra.

    Also noticed there's practically no audio distinction between the regular and newer DLC Zonda R.
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