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Thread: Need for Speed Shift 2 TGR tyre mod

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    Post Need for Speed Shift 2 TGR tyre mod

    Hello everyone

    For the last few years I have been messing around with NFS Shift 2 tyre physics files. Some changes made noticeable difference in handling characteristics more planted cars, better connection with controllers devices etc but... I always had feel there was something missing.

    It is unofficial modification for Packed (steam/dvd versions) or Unpacked moddable version of game with all instructions how to instal or uninstall it.

    Game still looks amazing and it's fun to play for hours. With this fix/mod in place I see it even better then most newer games on market.

    Big thanks and all credits to Slightly Mad Studios and EA games for all great games over the years. I wish you all the best guys and looking forward to see Project Cars 2!

    P.S If Ian or someone else from from developers have something to say more about it or point me to what else I can fix/tweak for Shift 2 community feel free to PM me or put it in comments. Cheers !
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    I have to correct myself on previous post about this matter, increase in final load was just weak compensation for soft tyre walls but gave me approximate range where cornering and breaking stiffness values shall be.
    So I have reverted it back to vanilla settings.
    Also following old Ian's posts on NoGripRacing forum gave me pointers what might be changed to put Shift 2 right next to newer racing sims (stiffer tyres and stiffer springs for start).
    Beside all of that caster settings and caster angles where bugged since beginning so in order to make handling better I simply disabled them in chassis file and game itself miraculously loaded them out of somewhere corrected.
    I have made small patch update in g-tyres thread on NGR forum.
    If you wanna do it yourself just disable it with two //

    like this:
    //LeftCasterRange=(0.0, 0.1, 100)          // front-left caster
    //RightCasterRange=(0.0, 0.1, 100)         // front-right caster
    Next version of my mod will patch that and bring shift 2 handling as close as possible to Pcars.
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    Version 6.0 of "G-Tyres-TGR" is uploaded.

    Hello guys, I'we have been working on bringing to (or keeping on) life Need for Shift 2 game for quite some while and my main focus (and others too) was tweaking SMS iteration of brush tire model (BMT).

    There was many attempts so far which all resulted in decent but still poor compensation to calm instant load transfer over front axle.

    I said in past that I believe that tire itself where OK, they're set on soft side but still good enough and in reality ranges.

    So, I left them as they are and moved to next suspect and they where Camber and Caster (ranges) and it showed that they where probably main handling and game breakers..not tires calibration!

    Game now have incredibly fun and controllable handling (AI loves it too) , cars are calm, drifty and precise in same time (it's your personal joice, throw it in corner and burn some rubber, or take corners professionally ), telemetry shows that load transfer over front axle is normal as it should be.

    I would describe handling as mix of Assetto Corsa and Forza Horizon 3 (but that's me)... So if you have Shift 2 sitting a side give it a try you won't regret it I assure you!

    Here is more technical explanation of changes made.

    Caster (it starts from positive 2.5 and goes to negative 7.5)

    LeftCasterRange=(-2.5, 0.1, 101)          // front-left caster
    LeftCasterSetting=75  //
    RightCasterRange=(-2.5, 0.1, 101)         // front-right caster
    RightCasterSetting=75  //
    Camber (it starts from positive 2.5 and goes up to negative 5.0)
    CamberRange=(2.5, -0.1, 81)     //
    CamberSetting=35  //  15
    Version 6.0 contains packed and unpacked easy to install files.

    Thanks SMS and EA for NFS Shift 2 game, and congrats SMS on Project C.A.R.S 2 release!
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