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Bentley, Cadillac, Corvette.. I like all of them but I'm quicker in the Bentley. 6.40-6.42 in the Bentley, 6.45-6.46 in the Corvette and 6.46-6.47 in the Cadillac around the Nordschleife. But of those three I think it's the Cadillac's time I can improve the most, the car is just an all-round solid car that handles very well.
Got the Cadillac pack, with the Corvette, the ford and the Indycar.

The Corvette is very easy to drive, even without assists, although you're right it doesn't seem to be too fast.

The Cadillac seems like a solid car, although It's my first perception that the Bentley could be faster indeed, but the Caddy can go faster through tight corners that seems like assured to me even this soon.

I didn't know it was turbo charged like the Bentley