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Thread: Getting back in Project Cars after a year off

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    Getting back in Project Cars after a year off

    Just wanted to tell someone, anyone, that after *at least* a year away from PCars I finally pulled my T300 out of the closet and plugged it all in. I followed the making of this game avidly for a year on this forum before its release then happened to discover the sport of Hang Gliding, unfortunately breaking my back in a crash, I've been away from this game for a while ...

    I finished a little GT3 race at Spa in the Continental tonight and all I can say is: WOW, this game is just so much fun. If anyone who developed the game is reading this I just want to say thank you again!

    I can't wait for PCars2 and already made my crowd funding contribution a couple years ago now. Keep up the great work guys.
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    WOW Breaking your back is one thing BUT missing out on PCars for A YEAR LOL, Seriously though Hope your back is fully healed or at least getting that way.

    Hand Gliding along with Skiing is something I've always longed to try but never been in a position financially to ba able so I get my adrenalin rush from PCars lol,
    Congrats on finishing your race and hope you enjoy many more

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    At least you can crash all you like in pCars and walk away. Sorry to hear about your accident there, but you have to think you were damn lucky and it could have been much worse. If you signed up for PC2 and have access to a gaming PC you should check it out, it's on course to be a big step up from PC1.
    If you sell your glider and get a PC, check out some of the flight sims like DCS world and Aerofly FS2 on steam, that will scratch the flying itch. Oh, and if there's any left over for an Oculus Rift, you're sorted
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    You may want to check out a hang gliding sim too along with John's suggestions.

    Speedy recovery Bouyo.
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