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Thread: Glitch in the Huayra BC's redline and audio?

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    Glitch in the Huayra BC's redline and audio?

    I just got the all season pass very excitedly and discovered the Huayra BC does not redline past 6100 RPM even though the external view tacho indicates redline at 7000 revs.

    From the cockpit gauges however, you can see that it's redlining at just under 6200 rpm but car reviews indicate it redlines at 6500. Plus, it also sounds "louder and meaner" according to reviews, next to the standard Huayra. Both models in PCARS have an identical sound.

    Also noticed there's practically no audio distinction between the regular and newer DLC Zonda R.

    Please address these if you can spare the time SMS. Superb product though minor issues ought to be ironed out even if there's a new version on the horizon.

    Thanks for reading - looking forward to thoughts.
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