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Thread: Things that annoy me and hopefully gets fixed for pcars 2

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    Things that annoy me and hopefully gets fixed for pcars 2

    Hey everyone, I'm very new to this sim racing stuff, don't even have a drivers license but I do have quite a bit of gaming experience and there's a bunch of usability issues and annoyances in this simulator that's kind of bugging me a lot after 30 hours of game time.

    The menus lack information, sorting and don't really help new people much at all.

    Like me for instance, I'm a new dude, I don't know anything about the tracks (never really cared tbh) and figuring out what track is suitable for cars that I have the skill to barely drive (like for instance the shifter karts) is kind of way more work than it should be, I really do enjoy that I can drive a fancy super expensive rich persons toy on a track made for kids and a shifter kart on a huge track like le mans 24 hours but like, for me that knows pretty much nothing about any of this it takes quite a while to figure out what's suitable and what's not. The career surely helps guide you but I question some of your showcases you set up for it coming from such a fresh background, like the ford focus race in the rain? think it took me 20 tries before I reached half way point without crashing and after that I decided to figure out how to quit the event, a thing that really wasn't obvious you could do.

    So yeah, would like a nice sorting option based on your preffered vehicle or vice versa, nice sorting option of vehicles suitable for the selected track, would help a noob like me a ton.

    Speaking about sorting, why don't you just have locations first and then after you click the location see what's on offer at each one? scrolling through lists as long as the location or vehicle list is kind of annoying, that would cut down on list length a lot at the cost of 1-2 extra clicks,

    Same thing with cars, you do realize that choice is something this game surely isn't lacking, could I get a list with car makers that expands to models when selected and/or sorting for the general class the vehicles are competing in? Me as I mentioned don't know any of that and would help me a lot

    Information about the tracks would be nice, some background story like the article on Fuji racetrack or that there Nissan crazy overpowered car that I really really really wanna try as soon as I can get my hands on it, would be nice with maybe shorter entries for that on at least the famous tracks/cars (as stated earlier, I've no clue what's supposedly famous or not and no clue why it would be either)

    Loading times in the menus are well, way longer than they need to be, could fix that by instantly loading small elements first and then bigger stuff like the models, it's quite annoying browsing for something interesting to try when it takes needlessly long time to navigate around and I'm fairly sure you could fix that by loading tables of text/icons/banners/etc "instantly" and then have the car model appear when it's done for instance, also doesn't help that there's too many windows back and forward to look at things, like vehicle specs, you could just have an icon you mouse over to show horsepower/weight/etc

    Also when I'm in the solo/create window, I see the track name and big banner etc, but not layout? For a person that hasn't memorized every track layout that's something that would be nice to see there.

    Some other pet peeves of mine lately are details in the cockpits, like, I noticed some cars have clocks, but the clocks don't work? Kind of annoys me >_< You have modeled bunch of buttons and stuff as well, would be nice if you could interact with them and they did what they are supposed to, coming from pretty hardcore flight sims that's one of the things I really missed while checking out the cars, it's needless but it's another level of realism and detail.

    Ah yeah another thing about the slow menus, leaderboards and time trial, the whole jumping back and forth to check times on tracks etc, just takes way too long, same with loading the information on the website, I know bandwidth isn't exactly free but it's tables of text, shouldn't take that long to load and I shouldn't have to jump back and forth that much when I'm figuring out what track and vehicle I wanna set a time on.

    Also some tracks seem kind of glitchy to me, like I apparently went over the white line a bunch of times driving in the middle of the road on california highway and azure coast, did not seem right to me at all but maybe that's how it's supposed to work? If it was a competitive event and I got 5/10s of slow speed because I triggered an event that shouldn't be there I'd be quite pissed, btw doesn't help that it's seemingly random if your laptime gets invalidated when hitting a wall. Also seemingly random, car damage, I got so annoyed when driving the Caterham Classic even that I did a front collision at 140km/h with a wall and car was completely fine afterwards, fairly sure it wouldn't be in real life and neither would I.

    The whole garage thing, like, I do think it's cool all of the things you can fiddle with, what's not so cool is that I have pretty much no clue whatsoever what any of it does to the car, some kind of hint as to what affect the sliders are supposed to have on the cars handling and when you want do change something would be nice, also took a while to figure out the navigation between screens there, I would really love for that experience to feel a bit more helpful to someone new to the whole thing (once again, popup tooltips on mouse over is a good thing, or a help button on a controller while having something selected)

    I'm sorry about this beeing a long rambling rant, but like, I genuinly enjoy what you've done with pcars and I really really really wanna see things like this fixed or at least considered for pcars 2, especially if you're gonna make an esport out of it, coming from a pretty extensive esports background I can attest to nerds not having a great amount of patience for bad menus and needlessly long wait times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holi View Post
    Like me for instance, I'm a new dude, I don't know anything about the tracks (never really cared tbh) and figuring out what track is suitable for cars that I have the skill to barely drive (like for instance the shifter karts) is kind of way more work than it should be, I really do enjoy that I can drive a fancy super expensive rich persons toy on a track made for kids and a shifter kart on a huge track like le mans 24 hours but like, for me that knows pretty much nothing about any of this it takes quite a while to figure out what's suitable and what's not.
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    Locations.. there is a track map at the bottom of the right hand side in the quick selection page, along with a bit of text to tell you the track length and how many corners there are..
    At the top right of the Quick location selection screen is the button that allows you to get to a large track map "Browse full location list", which you select via location, then track. It also has a filter to select by country.

    There is a similar thing for the cars, on the right of the car quick selection is the "My Garage" section. In there you can select by class, then make and then model.

    Slow loading of menus..? what are you playing on, PC, if so what sort of spec is it, as I get perfectly good loading speeds (and always have even when on a PC was absolutely on the lower limit of the minimum specs)

    Tuning, yes it's a black art and you ask a dozen people, they will come up with a dozen different answers about what is the "right" setup.. I've been playing racing games for way too many years and still fail dismally to get my head around most of it. Let's put it this way.. either live with the defaults or spend a lot of time trying to study various stuff online to get a grasp of the basics, or try some trial and error (but do stick to one area at a time to see how it affects things).
    Frank opinion.. leave it well alone until you get better at driving.. if you are in the garage, you are not getting better at driving... important stuff, stay calm, don't rush things (yes, that may sound counter to racing.. but it's not) and you'll improve. The only exception to that is adjusting overall gearing if you are running into the rev limiter before the end of the fastest part off the course.. but even then, you may improve top speed and drop time because of worse acceleration.

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    I did go back and look at the things I was complaining about now, it's just that these things have been on my mind and I might've over reacted quite a bit, just noticed you have a fairly slow screen transition effect that probably adds a perceived delay for me and the greatest delay in the menu is updating data from the leaderboards.

    There are just more screen transitions that I think are completely necessary, and the garage interface and track interface sure, now that you've pointed it out I see you have features I complained about not existing, but I just hadn't found them, sure that's probably on me being a retard and not clicking on everything in the hopes that it does something I want.

    Gonna try and explain some issues from my point of view with your menu layout, unfortunately I can't link to a picture where I draw stuff but I'll try and do the best I can using my words.

    I'm looking at the setup free practice screen, a screen I'm fairly sure a lot of people will get to rather quickly after having installed the game.

    You've basically got 4 main functions here not counting setup burger menu and going back in the menu (this is obviously made for the smartphone generation I guess)

    There's the big start button and there's nothing wrong with it being big or obvious but it does take up a lot of space for a binary choice.

    There's the location button, it gives you an icon, a name and a location, over a screen from the track, this means that if I don't know how long the track is or how it looks I have to do a screen transition to remind me, sure this is fine in itself but there's more than enough space to show those things for people like me who doesn't already know all of it and doesn't possess perfect recall from the last time I drove on said location. Would this needlessly clutter the screen? Or what was the reasoning for not showing it here? Now we get to one of the annoyances of getting that information for me (I've not done a huge study, sorry) when I click the track that I just wanna know these things and if I don't hold my mouse completely still after I've clicked the button the mouse selects another track which means I have to browse back to the original track, see the details and then click it to get back to the start event screen, I know this is minor but it's kind of annoying if you're navigating with a mouse, it's not an issue using a dpad or keyboard.

    The experience on the Select Car button is pretty much the same, I know this saves a bit on visual clutter but it's still annoying.

    My Garage, what's the point of the show info button? There's more than enough room to display it besides the car on the original screen without having to do a screen transition forward and then back?

    But yeah I'll just get back to crashing into walls for now and thanks for the answers despite my whining

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    The main thing to consider here is you explained your issues in a polite thought out manner without going into a insulting incoherent rant like others would of done. Thanks for that.
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    Menu is a bit clunky.
    Doesn't seem too bad on PS4 considering the choices and options. For pc1 I guess they had budget constraints to push the game out and UI streamlining had to be just "good enough." Features getting chopped and changed to the last minute I suppose adds to that.

    As for crashing into walls: there's A LOT of homework you've yet to do, kiddo!
    Something to get you started

    Don't think it's more difficult for you not having a license. You're in the same boat as the rest of us who've never done a track day/race. In fact you may be at an advantage. One of the fastest guys in GT3 on ps4 in Australia was a 17 year old. There's also an 11 year old on my list who's bloody quick and consistent!
    There's a lot of free available info about learning a track, track guides are helpful, driving techniques, wet racing, everything.
    Start slow on a new track. Go fast down the straights and brake way early for the turns (track map on the hud helps, I still glance at it getting around the nords). Slowly you'll brake later as your confidence builds and you remember the turns, take the corner faster, get on the gas sooner. Take your time learning a track (I prefer to start on GP tracks, harder but then you know the smaller variations from learning one track). Practice practice practice read watch repeat.
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    I wish you could save your favorite livery/paint scheme on a car and not have to re-select it every time.
    You would think this would be a no-brainer and an easy fix. Maybe I'm just missing something??

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