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Thread: Fanatec CSWB 2.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDad View Post
    600hz , nice !
    Yeah i really notice the drag reduction coming from my old GT2 but comparing from my new CSL E to my new CSW v2 not as much .
    Upgrading from the CSL E to the v2 wasn't really a big upgrade in feel (to me) but having the ascetics and strength of the v2 really impresses.
    I hope there is more they can do through firmware for the v2 but if i was them i wouldn't as it might stop people paying for a newer version and the drag might be the biggest card they have .
    What firmware did you find the best for your CSW v2?

    There lots of talk about FFB refresh rates going on here
    Post #18 is a rF2 Dev !
    I used DR 250 FW 176

    Try My Tweeker File... I have it posted... just olug and play... Let Me know what you think.
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    I dont really play pCars much any more . I havent even tried my v2 with it .lol
    Hopefully when pCars 2 comes that might change .
    I just like coming here and causing trouble .lol
    GPU: Galax GTX 1080 Ti EXOC/ CPU: Intel i5 6600K @ 4.5GHz/ Cooler: Hyper D92 / Mobo: Asrock z170 Extreme4/ RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz/ PSU: Coolermaster V750/ Storage: 2TB WD / Kingston 120GB SSD/250GB Evo 850 SSD/ Case: Storm Enforcer/ OS: Win 10/ Display: Sony 55" @ 3840x2160p / Wheel: Fanatec CSW v2 / Formula Carbon / CS Universal Hub/ Pedals: CSR Elite/ FTW .
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