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Thread: Fanatec CSWB 2.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDad View Post
    600hz , nice !
    Yeah i really notice the drag reduction coming from my old GT2 but comparing from my new CSL E to my new CSW v2 not as much .
    Upgrading from the CSL E to the v2 wasn't really a big upgrade in feel (to me) but having the ascetics and strength of the v2 really impresses.
    I hope there is more they can do through firmware for the v2 but if i was them i wouldn't as it might stop people paying for a newer version and the drag might be the biggest card they have .
    What firmware did you find the best for your CSW v2?

    There lots of talk about FFB refresh rates going on here
    Post #18 is a rF2 Dev !
    I used DR 250 FW 176

    Try My Tweeker File... I have it posted... just olug and play... Let Me know what you think.
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    I dont really play pCars much any more . I havent even tried my v2 with it .lol
    Hopefully when pCars 2 comes that might change .
    I just like coming here and causing trouble .lol
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    Sorry to revive an old thread. Just recently upgraded from CSL Elite base to a CSW 2.5. Still using my P1 Xbox wheel until I can upgrade. While everything works great in Projectcars 2, I found out the "select/enter" button no longer works in Project Cars 1. On the P1 wheel this is normally the Xbox logo button in Project Car 2. The button does light up in Fanatec utility GUI.

    Is there a place in Project Car 1 to map this button?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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