Hey guys , i just tryed FaceTrackNoIR and after i fev tryes i didin't enjoyed it because it seem my low camera does not fit to all thise as its works around 6-12FPS only there. So i removed it all and wana race with the ingames normall cames , but for some reason my Camers gets stuck in the last positon and i can't fix it at all.

FIrst i have hit the restart button for the VR and it haves bring the camera back to the position , and while in the Head Cam i can move my head with the right stick on my gamepad , but , all other cams are stuck and i can't move with right stick , i cant watch lef right , up down. No metter what i do now , this is just stuck.

I tryed to verify the game on steam , to detel the whole folder Project CARS from My Documetns , nothign solved it.

Any tips ? How can we bring those to default values.