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Thread: On PS4 Pro, looking into PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by F1aw1ess View Post
    Haha yes you will spend more time tweaking than playing on a PC.

    Have you gone through all of the settings and made sure you have maxed as many as you can whilst still maintaining around 60FPS? I dont think pCars has a built in FPS counter (correct me if im wrong) so you can use either NVidia ShadowPlay (now called share) within the GeForce Experience which you probably already have installed if you have the latest NVidia drivers plus its also a very good gameplay recording program or if you want something with a bit more info I personally use MSI Afterburner which can be downloaded here

    Its mainly a graphics card overclocking tool but it has a very nice on screen overlay that can display all sorts of information about both your processor and graphics cards, like usage, temperature, FPS, frametime, VRAM usage, CPU usage, fan speeds etc etc.

    If you go into the settings under monitoring and select the items you would like to see in the OSD then go to On-Screen-Display tab and set a specific button to turn it on and off whilst in game. This means you can tinker with all of your settings whilst in game and monitor the effect it has on your FPS. You might also want to read up on what Frametime is as that is also very important but coming from a PS4 you possibly havent heard about it?

    As a starting point I on settings I would suggest;

    Resolution: 3840x2160@60hz
    Vsync - On
    Render Ahead Frames - 2
    Texture - High
    AA - off (might cause shimmering on some straight edges off but its quite hard on the system with it on)
    FXAA - off (causes a soft almost blurry look to the game)
    SMAA - Off (same as above)

    The others would probably need to be around the medium mark to ensure you can push decent fps @ 4k but it gives you a good starting point.


    Hey there, been having some fun with the new PC. Everything seems to be finally stable and working ok, fingers crossed! I obviously have a ton to learn, but I am poking around and learning as I go. I am just happy that I can play without issues at the moment. Everything seems clearer and smoother than on the PS4, and that's with everything turned up almost to the max, quite happy. The only thing I notice is say I go through a quick esse (left/right turn) the picture seems almost "choppy" , but I think that might be related to the TV, although I don't really know lol.

    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you again to you for all the help, it's much appreciated.

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    That choppiness is exactly what getting your settings right will eliminate, have fun tinkering ��
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    Not sure what kind of TV you have, but many have a setting specifically for gaming that will eliminate input lag, and turn off processing. A lot of it is personal preference when watching TV/movies, but for gaming, you really want all that stuff turned off. Things like "motion smoothing" can make your game look funky.

    Look for a "game mode" setting in your TV's manual. Most manufacturers make the manual available for download as a PDF on their website, so you can even use search within the PDF to find it quick
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    The TV that I have does in fact have a game mode and I already have it on my friend. Thank you for the input. Now I have my eye on an Acer 43 inch 4k monitor.

    I think I am in trouble!
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