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    PantherRacingDivision [EST based | Two Races a Week]


    Looking forward to seeing you on the grid.


    ― Michael Schumacher

    Starting out as a small group of friends racing short sprint races every night, we've grown into a 20+ organised, competitive league starting our 8th season.

    We share our setups with other drivers in our community. We help each other understand how the specific parts of the car work, providing the knowledge to start tuning our cars to our individual driving styles. We share videos of both our past races, as well as real world racing scenarios to help define the rules and implement the limitations of our league races. We blow off steam after gruelling battles with creative cool-down races.

    Most importantly, we create an environment where anyone who is a clean driver regardless of speed, feels welcome and encouraged to grow as a racer.

    Whether you have been looking for a place to showcase your skill, or simply get started with organised sim racing and grow as a driver, the track is open and PRD is waiting to meet you.

    Information below

    We've managed to forge a close working relationship with RSR, blending our leagues together to field 60 car grids for 2 hour, multi-class endurance races. No one says it formally, but its basically the Ryder cup on wheels.

    Season 9 Official Trailer Released!

    Season 9 Radical SR3 Sign ups open!

    Season 9 Race Format

    Race Start Time Changes:

    8:30pm EST Practice start
    9:15pm EST Qualification start

    45 minute practice.
    15 minute qualification.
    25 minute sprint.
    25 minute reverse grid.
    Alternating day/night. Each race DAY (Wednesday) is locked to a time (Morning).

    For example:
    Wednesday - (Morning)
    Saturday - (Midnight)
    Wednesday - (Sunset)
    Saturday - (Afternoon)

    (Exact times to be determined at a later date)

    Weather: 2 slot for the first race, 2 slots for the second race.

    Rule Changes:

    Tire and fuel usage: Real.

    Setup changes will be limited to:

    Brake Pressure
    Brake Bias
    Brake Duct
    Tire Pressures
    Steering Rack
    Final Drive

    Everything else is locked as per a gentleman's agreement.

    Championship Rule Changes:

    Teams/constructors: 3-4 people, 2 pools randomly drawn based on attendance. One pool will have the guys who are here most often and the second pool will have the guys who are new and show periodically.

    Having a rookie championship: Highest points scorer of the rookies is awarded rookie of the year to be displayed on a plaque under the champions plaque.

    Finalised Tracks:

    Azure Circuit
    Donington Park National
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
    Snetterton 300
    Willow Springs International Raceway

    1st – 25
    2nd – 22
    3rd – 20
    4th – 18
    5th – 16
    6th – 15
    7th – 14
    8th – 13
    9th – 12
    10th – 11
    11th – 10
    12th – 9
    13th – 8
    14th – 7
    15th – 6
    16th – 5
    17th – 4
    18th – 3
    19th – 2
    20th – 1
    1 point to all participants

    Looking forward to seeing you on the grid.
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